Hi, I’m Jennifer Syme.

I help women discover their creative spirit and break free
of their frustrations by exploring their artistic landscape.

I truly believe that allowing your unique, creative inner being to flow helps you rediscover your positivity and happiness.

It allows you to find your own power.

Life is a journey, and learning is a constant companion. It’s never too late to reconnect to your creative spirit; to learn that language, play that instrument, travel across the world – or simply allow yourself to learn something new and have fun doing it.

I work specifically with women who know
they deserve more from life, who feel
lost and frustrated – as though something
is missing. Women who seek to experience
all the beauty and pleasure that life has
to offer.

I particularly love working with women who are experiencing this dissatisfaction on every level – mind, body and soul. Who feel blocked, stressed, low and lacking sparkle.

I help you to discover your creative spirit. I’m a coach, mentor, wellness expert and best friend all rolled into one. I love to support and nurture you through your own journey by creating an inspiring, positive and heartfelt space for your inner artist to come out and play.

I do this by…

  • Helping you rekindle your creativity through courses and coaching – and having fun along the way!
  • Supporting you as you take the first steps into wellbeing improvement
  • Sharing the experiences together in a private Facebook group

I know what it’s like to be a Cramped Creative. I’ve been that boxed in, frustrated and desperate woman who yearned for more freedom, self-expression, vibrancy and passion in my life.

And I know how much it changed everything when I finally
gave myself permission to live life from the heart. When
I connected to my inner creative spirit, life began to flow.

I experienced so much joy, positivity and deep connection to myself, in all areas of my life.

My experience as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist opened me up to see that blocking our truest selves, our deepest creative spirit is known to be a cause of health + stress related issues, be they physical, mental or emotional. I also know from my own experience of working in IT in a stifled environment for almost a decade meant that my creative spirit was a sorely underused part of me.

Once I broke free from this environment and embraced a new way to experience my life, I began to explore myself and my creative landscape. I rediscovered my joy of writing, music and a flourishing connection to my inner self. I found a personal trainer and made wellness my priority, taking up running and mountain biking.

I came back to myself.

I wouldn’t have done any of this without those crucial first few steps. I allowed myself to write, to release my creative spirit into the world and stepped up to my own personal responsibility – knowing that I needed to do this. It opened my mind and soul and offered all sorts of possibilities.

So this is what I create for you. A safe, supportive place where you can take those first few steps to rediscover your inner creative being. To learn what makes your heart and soul sing, what makes time stand still and what makes you lose yourself… and what makes you come back to yourself.

I know that you deserve it, just as I did. Welcome.


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