Book cover2Do You Dream of

Writing, Drawing,

Painting, Photographing –



The Cramped Creative – Free Your Inner Creativity

gives you the first steps to following your creative dream.


Did YOU used to do a creative ‘thing’?
Writing, music, art, cooking…whatever you loved to do?

Then somehow it got lost?

Life got in the way?

If so, you too could be a Cramped Creative.
This can feel FRUSTRATING, as if you’ve LOST part of yourself.

I want to help you get back to that person you used to be!

A Cramped Creative is someone who has the urge to create BUT they feel like they’ve lost their skills, or they are too old, or too too…..something… to do it now.

What if I told you that –

You have NOT lost your abilities.

You don’t have to be any good (you’re not at school, there is no exam!). It’s all about FUN!

You CAN recapture that joy you used to feel when you
drew or played an instrument, or danced…..or whatever.

How do I know this?

Because I used to be just like you, scared and frustrated. Not knowing where to turn for help.

Now, I am publishing a book, working on a novel, playing music, drawing and trying new creative things all the time. And, most importantly, I’m having fun and meeting new people, who are just like me.

Imagine having a regular creative practise, perhaps going to classes, making new friends, finally finishing that novel, and sharing your new hobbies with your family and friends.

Feeling more confident, settled…happier?

In ‘The Cramped Creative – Free Your Inner Creativity’ you will learn –

  • What stops you
  • Why this happens
  • How you can get past these blocks and start to create both your art and a happier you.
  • The impact not creating can have on your wellbeing
  • Bonus downloads, including a ‘circle of creativity’ and a timesheet (that actually helps you find time!)
  • Tips and Prompts to get you started – ideas for daily activities such as photography, writing, drawing….
  • Where to go next – Facebook group, upcoming courses and more!

In this fun little book, I pass on the lessons I have learned in my own journey to a creative life.
I also share why your creativity is important for your overall wellbeing and happiness.

 Develop a creative habit and (Re)Discover Yourself

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