Get Creative

Get Creative

Do You Have a Creative Dream? Need some Help Setting Your Inner Creative Free? Make the first steps of YOUR creative journey with Get Creative!

Do you dream of being a writer, artist, or some other creative?
That's great. I mean dreams are good, we all need to dream a little. But how about turning your creative dream into reality? Start building a daily habit, beating your inner critics, and developing a strong inner belief that you CAN create, and see how far you can go with it. Writer? Artist? Knitter? Doesn't matter WHAT you do, it's the DOING it that matters. This book shows you how in small steps, with tips, tools and ideas to get you started creating and more importantly, KEEP you creating.

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About the Book

Do You Dream of Writing, Drawing, Painting, Photographing – CREATING?

Get Creative – Free Your Inner Creativity gives you the first steps to following your creative dream. Discover what is getting in the way, how to find more time, deal with the internal (and external) critics and how to develop and maintain a regular creative habit.

Did you used to do a creative ‘thing’, whether that was writing, music, art, cooking…whatever you loved to do, but somehow it got lost, life simply got in the way?
Does this make you feel frustrated?
As if you’ve lost a part of yourself?
You want to get back to that person you used to be, but you don’t know where to start?

In ‘Get Creative’ you will learn –
•What holds you back
•How to find more time in your day for creativity (without getting up at 4am)
•How you can get past these blocks and start to create both your art and a happier you.
•The links between creating and your wellbeing
•Bonus downloads to help you
•Tips and Prompts to get you started

In this fun little book, writer Jennifer Syme shares her experiences and lessons learned on her own journey to a creative life. With these simple but effective tips and tricks you can start small and build up to as much creativity as you want in your day. Buy the book today and you will also get access to further downloads and useful resources.

Free YOUR Inner Creative – start today and lets GET CREATIVE!

Genre: Non Fiction
Tag: creative book
Format: Kindle, Paperback
ISBN: 9781980494782

List Price: £6.99
eBook Price: £1.99
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