As well as books to help you get more creativity in your life, I also have courses. Think of these as the books in practical form. It’s easy to read a book and plan to act on the information,  but actually doing it is another thing. Sometimes having a course to follow along makes all the difference in taking those first steps.

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Find the Time!
Do you wonder where your time goes?
Do you want more TIME?

This FREE 7-day course can help.

Because we ALL need more time.

But you might be SUPRISED where yours actually goes!

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See what you can change!

Go on, you might be surprised by what you find, and what you can achieve!

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Get Creative - Build a Habit and Boost Your Happiness
Are you someone who used to enjoy a creative ‘thing’, whether that was writing, art, knitting….something you did just for YOU just because you loved it?
Has work and life somehow got in the way?
Do you always plan to get back to it, but just never make it past the first steps?

If you relate to this, then Get Creative  is for you. This 4-week course will give you the tools to deal with the things that stop you creating, and give you prompts and ideas to get you doing small things every day.

You will be building a habit before you know it!



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