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Getting Your Creative Habit Started!


 I’m Jennifer and I I love getting people back in touch with their creative side. I used to be someone who dreamed of writing a book and having more time for the creative things I enjoyed doing.

Over many years I learned the hard way how to find more time, deal with the inner critic telling me I was wasting my time and finally develop a regular creative habit.

AND, I wrote my first book!

Having been through it myself, I wanted to help other people boost their creativity but without taking the years I had!

My book ‘Freeing Your Creativity‘ has inspired people to get back to their art, crafts, writing and whatever else they like to do – my readers are a creative bunch!cramped creative book


The idea that my little book has helped them do this is FANTASTIC!



What People Have Said About the Book

….the perfect complement to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but it’s a perfect standalone ‘How To’ book for anyone who wishes they were more creative, or is sure that they are but don’t know how to express it.

I’ve just finished reading this and can’t believe how much I resonated with it. I hadn’t quite realised that nurturing your creativity is so important for our well-being. If you feel that you have an artist inside waiting to get out then this is the book for you. Lots of really handy tips to enable you to put creativity up the priority list and disable your inner critic! Written in a really friendly and gentle style that feels warm and accommodating and a nice length so that you don’t feel burdened with information. Well worth a read!!

Find Your Creative Freedom is the book in practical form.


Doing a course means we can add to the idea that having

more creative practise in our lives is a path to improved happiness and wellbeing,


and act on it.




There were practical steps in the book, but it is easy to read about something,

and much harder to actually take the first steps in doing it.


Just like most things in life, it takes time and repetition

to form a habit and to fully allow creativity into our lives.


  The best thing is, you don’t need to be a certain age, skill level

or get lots of expensive equipment to start being more creative


All you need is to start small and build a habit so it becomes part of your life.



Habits take at least 21 days to build


 So 28 days should give you a good start!





Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay Curious.


Steve Jobs


  • You love to write, draw, play music, knit, potter……create?

  • You possibly used to do this but family, work...life seems to have got in the way.
  • Now you feel, too old, rusty, silly, worry you can’t do it anymore.
  • So the piano stays un-tuned, the sketchbook unfilled, the notebooks abandoned, your craft box firmly closed.
  • But…every now and then a little voice inside you says ‘why not’ and you have a go, and you feel excited, happier, more YOU! But….then somehow you can’t stick to it, and it all fades away…..again
  • And this might have been going on for years, even decades!
  • Find Your Creative Freedom aims to stop that cycle and give you some tools and fresh ideas to get you past those blocks and develop a regular creative practise.

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What Students Have Said About Find Your Creative Freedom

A good course for anyone who is struggling to find creative time in their day. This course gives small exercises to kick start a regular creative practice.

I liked the bits about your gremlins and inner critic…

The course breaks down a difficult subject into manageable chunks. I loved utilizing simple ideas to get big results!

I really enjoyed the lecture in the last week about visualising goals…..


I took away lots of wee nuggets of gold. I love the start small message – so important!



What Does the Course Involve?

  • 2 Hours of video – broken down into bite-sized, easy to absorb sections
  • Each section has downloadable content including PDFs, planners and things to help with the prompt
  • Extra videos, just for fun, and to celebrate your progress.
  • Prompts to get your creative juices flowing and spark new ideas
  • Bonuses and resources to keep you creating


Modules on –


  1. Finding the TIME – the one we all struggle with! But you CAN find a few extra minutes a day, and you will be surprised what you can achieve with those minutes

  2. Giving You Permission – to do something just for you! To do things differently! To do THIS!

  3. Meet Your Gremlin – you know, THAT voice, that tells you not to bother, you’re too old/useless/don’t know what you are doing. You will learn tips to deal with the voice and learn how it can actually help sometimes!

  4. Building a Habit – So, you’ve done the course, but how do you keep up this new habit when life gets in the way. More tips and tricks to get you sticking to it, or able to return to it with ease!

  5. Bonus resources and links


The course is currently on the Udemy platform, and you get LIFETIME ACCESS to it, INCLUDING any UPDATES or ADDITIONAL MATERIAL that I might add in future.

Udemy also has a 30 day money back guarantee.
So you can try this at no risk.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the course anytime?
Yes, this is a self paced, full access course. It’s spread over 4 ‘weeks’ of material, but you can take longer (or less time) over it if you want to. It’s meant to be something you continue using, beyond the time you take to go through the material. You get life time access so can revisit it at any time.
Do I get 1:1 input from you?
No. This is a self-access course. I am not offering any 1:1 options at this time. Through the Udemy system you can ask questions, and as part of the bonus’ there is a Facebook Group which you can join. The group is aimed at peer support and the fun comes from sharing stuff within the larger group. I will post extra prompts, tips and whatever else I come up with in there too.
I haven't done anything creative in years, do I need to be of a certain standard?
Absolutely not! This course is ideal for you if you have been away from creativity for a while. Unlike going to an actual class, there is no-one else to see what you do, you can just have fun trying new things. The prompts require little skill, it is not about being ‘GOOD’ at it, it is about DOING it. The only way you will tame that inner critic and bring your inner creative out to play, is to have a go, and do simple things to bypass the critic.
Is this a learn to draw/write class? Are we learning techniques?
No, this is about trying stuff, playing and generally having fun. I would love it if at the end you felt confident enough to take your specific creative interest further by going to a class or workshop, that would be great. I may do further courses on ‘how to’ write/blog, or working on specific projects, but for now this is just about getting you started in being more creative.
I've got kids, a horse, dog, husband, a job......I am sure I don't have any free time.
Yes, we all have stuff to pull us away from creativity. Some more than others. Funny enough it is not always the people with the most free time that do the most creating! It is as much about mindset as time. If you have a free day, do you spend it being creative? Probably not.  Because that pesky inner critic will tell you that you have to do something else, more ‘useful’. The first module looks long and hard at your time and shows you ways to find any spare time you have. But it is also what you choose to do with it. People write whole books in 5-minute bursts, it just takes them longer to finish it than someone who spends hours a day on it. The course starts with small things to do, because that helps us start, even if we have very little time.
What do I need? Do I have to buy lots of supplies?

No, not necessarily. You probably have the basics lying around, or tucked away in a drawer. This is the moment all those notebooks, pens, pencils and art things you wanted to play with get to come out!

The course is on Udemy, so you need an account with them. You can then access the course via computer, or by the Udemy app on tablets and phones. So you can take it with you!

For the actual course you will need –

  • a notebook/journal.
  • a sketchbook or big pad of plain paper. (kids drawing pads are great, you don’t need expensive ‘artist’ supplies.)
  • a camera, or a smart phone. It can be fun to use some of the photo apps, either on your phone or on the computer if you prefer, to play around with images, but there are plenty free options there.
  • pencils, pens, colouring in supplies (crayons are fine!)
  • an open mind and willingness to give it a go.


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