One Blog, Two? More?

A few years ago I decided to start a blog for my therapies business, then I started another one for my writing/creative business, and I have another blog idea bubbling away at the moment. I know other bloggers who have 5, 10 or even more blogs on the go. So how do we all manage to juggle the blog, the social media, the editorial calendar and if we have a team, co-ordinate pieces of work and flow?

The answer is CoSchedule!

coschedule homepage

When I first started, CoSchedule wasn’t really on my horizon. At the time I was too small, and they seemed aimed at bigger fish than me. However, they did offer some free tools that I could use, such as the Headline Analzyer which I found very useful and quite fun too! Then, I was offered a free trial and after just one week was hooked.

I am not really much bigger than I was back then, still just me, doing all the stuff, but Coschedule has expanded its offerings. It has also become more accessible to smaller businesses through a wider payment option, plus great opportunities to reduce your bill (more of this later). It is no longer just a way of scheduling social media. You now get a whole package which allows you to chuck away those piles of sticky notes, scraps of paper and multiple notebooks and have all your blogs, social media and calendar planned and prepared in one place.

So, what is it? How does it work?

Well, luckily CoSchedule have a short video which is a good place to start. Watch it below.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.


As I mentioned, I have more than one blog. So, life could get quite confusing. Is today the day I am meant to write blog A, or is that next week? And what about the Pinterest campaign or the Facebook ‘top tips’ post that was to go with that other blog? I have found myself with big gaps in my calendar because I was just too confused to produce anything worth publishing.

Now that Coschedule allows you to have multiple websites in the plan, I can use it to do all my blogs in one place. This means that I can see all my content planned on the calendar, then filter it to see just one blog at a time. I can see where my posts are going and when. Then I can choose a time to post or let CoSchedule’s ‘Best Time’ option choose for me.
There is also the fantastic ‘Requeue’ option to make sure that I never run out of content. I went on holiday for two weeks and forgot to schedule content for that time, but it was okay because CoSchedule filled the gaps with Requeue material for me.

Calendar Chaos?

Sometimes I am an off the cuff writer, doing this week’s post today, and I don’t want to think too far ahead. Other times I do the ‘batch’ method. Coschedule allows me to do either of these. I can sit and bulk prepare, and schedule in advance, see my calendar all filled in with multiple posts and social media. Or I can swap things around, and add a new post in for today anytime I want to.

coschedule calendar


If I was doing that on a paper calendar, it would quickly get very messy. Plus, a paper calendar isn’t doing the posting for me, I would still need to go in and reschedule things. And while I like Google calendar, I prefer to have a separate place for my content, otherwise, it’s just too full. Also, I want to be able to tick off the jobs as I do them. I know some people use Trello or Asana to do this sort of thing, but that is still just planning.
CoSchedule lets you PLAN and DO the task within the system. So you are not hopping between screens as you go.

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Coschedule also integrates with all the best apps and software you are probably already using.

Use WordPress? Brilliant – Coschedule has a WordPress Plugin. So you can write the post and set up the calendar plan of social media, right there in your WordPress post edit.

coschedule wordpress

What about Google Docs? Yup. Evernote? That too. Zapier? Bitly? Yes and Yes. Check out their website to see the full list of up to date integration options.

Surely its limited in what social media it links to?

Use Pinterest? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? You get all those plus Linkedin and more.

I don’t have a team, so I can’t comment on how it works for multiple people on the account, but I’m pretty sure it will be great. I assign tasks to myself, so I can see what I am doing next, and also get the satisfaction of ticking them off!

Ok, sounds great, but all this must cost a fortune, right?

Well, no, it’s actually pretty reasonable.

There are various plans available, and the best way is to check them out for the most up to date options. You can do that here.

Also, note that they have a referral scheme. So if you are on the ‘Essential’ plan, you can get 10% for anyone who signs up through your link, plus money off your annual bill by writing a review like this one. Now, it has to be an honest review. Personally, I don’t do any other type. All my resource recommendations are based on what I use and believe others can benefit from.

So, if this is an honest review, is there a’con’ to all these ‘pros’? Well, the cost is the only one I can think of now that you can have multiple websites associated with the one account, and you get Requeue as well. But, the referral program and discount can make it a lot more affordable, and as a blogger you have to assess what is worth spending money on, and what is not. I have signed up for other so-called ‘must haves’ for bloggers in the past and then never used them, so even if they were only $20, that is a waste of money. Whereas Coschedule is something I use every day, so the cost per use is low.
I would say try it for the free trial , or even pay for 1 month, and see the benefits to your scheduling and blogging process, then decide if it’s worth your investment or not. I’ll wager it will be!

Check Coschedule out here.  

coschedule is your secret weapon