How long does it take to build a habit? 21 days, 30 days?

100 day project image

How about 100 days?

Like many of you, I have struggled in the past with maintaining ‘good’ habits. The ‘bad’ ones are far too easy to develop because they are usually the lazy, (stay in bed longer), delicious (eat more chocolate), or fun (binge watch Breaking Bad) options.

As I was investigating using Instagram for my photos, and I found I enjoyed it as a social media option, I discovered there was a ‘100 day Challenge’ coming up. So I decided to challenge myself and posy every day for 100 days. That is over 3 months. More than 1/4 of the year. Me, who had thought I was doing well to post to Facebook a few times a week, sporadically. Of course my inner gremlin monkey was going nuts. ‘Hah, you’re going to be a big fat failure…again!’

Well, inner monkey gremlin, I have news for you! It is now Day 76, and I haven’t missed a day! not one. Yes, I have slightly cheated on occasion as I have pre-prepared some images, when I was going to be away and unsure of time and connection to internet. But Instagram doesn’t let you pre-schedule, you still have to actually post on the day. Which helps with the discipline.

I have been posting my project around music and creativity. So the original plan was to listen to music and then recreate the album cover in a drawing, which fitted with my sketchbook project. However, that is a very slow thing, I take ages to do each cover art. I am still not finished my sketchbook project, I plan to finish it up using some of the music from the Instagram project. For the Instagram one I have been using apps such as Canva to make images that go with the lyrics, or just represent the music somehow. It’s been great fun and I have rediscovered some of my old favourites, and some new ones along the way. I’ve related music to season, events in the news, birthdays and also events in my life. 100 days is a long time and sadly I’ve had some heartache in that period with family bereavements and also my lovely old lady dog Molly died. Posting images of her with tunes that I associated with her was actually quite therapeutic. So in that way the Instagram project has been a diary of my life in those 3 months as well as my musical tastes.

I’ve still got 24 days to go, but I fully intend to post each day, and then keep on posting on Instagram most days. Have I formed a habit? I think I have! I also plan to make a Spotify play list of the tracks, or as many as I can get on Spotify and share that with my followers.

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