Happy New Year

2016  – Best Yet?

January is the time of year when it can seem that everyone is talking about resolutions and ‘best year’ ever plans. Getting fitter, giving up, starting new…..Does anyone ever stick to these January ‘better me’ lists?

Hmmm, I thought so!

Me too.


I heard a chat on the radio the other day, which was about avoiding the usual resolutions but instead looking at ways for getting more creativity into your life. Obviously, I paid close attention as they talked about the benefits of creativity and having a daily practice. They talked about finding classes and online groups. If I hadn’t been driving, I would have called in to tell them about my book!

I have to be honest; it’s been a while since I attempted resolutions. I have done. In the past, I was quite the annual planner, but for me, it was a recipe for failure. I decided I don’t need another reason to get at myself and let the gremlin start to tell me off.
I do have goals but they are no longer about improving a behaviour or giving up a ‘vice’ (dark chocolate is good for you right? ;-)). I look at things I want to achieve and break them down into what I need to do to get that thing done. This may involve giving up stuff, like too many sweets, or it may require me to commit to doing something like getting up earlier. But, the ‘resolution’ is not the give up/do part, the resolve is in the outcome. The how I will feel (fitter), the what I will be able to do (run 5k, fit into jeans that I can’t fasten anymore).

You get the picture.

For me, 2015 was a ‘getting better’ year, after a difficult 2014 which set me back health and creativity wise. In fact, the last two years have blended into one as I spent so much of each in physical recovery. So I’d like 2016 to be the year I finally finish some of the things I started back before the health stuff got in the way.

Stuff like –

  • The novel. I did the first rough draft in the Urban Writers 6Month Novel course back in 2014. I’m now starting proper editing. It WILL be finished this year!
  • The creativity courses I have been developing for years now. (Almost ready!)
  • Get my fitness back to where it was in 2013. Being fit and strong allows me to sleep better, get up earlier and create more.

To do those things I may well have to give up, start to do and form some good habits and rituals, but they will not be for their own sakes, they will be part of the bigger picture. For me, that helps me stick to them. Each thing on it’s on is too easy to let slide, but as a small segment of something bigger, something truly important to me, it’ll be easier to see any slips as a hesitation rather than a grinding failure.

The other thing people often miss is to look back at what they did achieve in the past year. We are so good at seeing our own fails and others’ successes. Before you start resolving to do everything right this year, look at what you did last year.

So, for me  – Last year I wrote a non-fiction book and published it.
Which wasn’t even on my plan!

Sometimes plans just are meant to be, but what does happen is even better!