Resolutions? What Resolutions?

stick to your resolutions

Are you in the small percent of people who actually make it past ‘Blue Monday’ (last week) and are still sticking to their resolutions by the end of the month?

Yes? Well done you! You get a prize!

For the rest of us, well never mind. You can start again, you don’t HAVE to only do these things in January when our northern Hemisphere weather is not exactly helpful when we try to give up lovely, cosy, comforting things like chocolate, wine or whatever else people swear off for the month.

Because January has become THAT month where people set all sorts of ambitious resolutions, not just to stop something for a few weeks but to make life changing decisions. It’s become quite a thing, there are lots of plans with ‘-anuary’ names – Veganuary, Dryanuary…I’m sure there are lots more. I know a few folk doing the dry January option who were struggling around week 2 when they went back to work. Because lets face it, coming straight off Christmas, holidays, over indulgence, and into work, along with dark mornings, dark nights, cold, ice snow….life suddenly seems a bit grim. No wonder the idea of a ‘treat’ is hard to resist.

Your Creative Resolutions

Just as people set these ‘better person’ type goals, if you are a creative type, and want to write more, draw more, or go to a class on something new, maybe that is what you resolved to do instead of stopping drinking wine or whatever. These types of goals often fall by the way side too. It seems we humans are not that great at sticking to plans! So, what can we do about it?
Well, as I said back in December, there are various tricks which work for all types of resolutions such as – set lower targets, so that you can meet them and build on them. This means you are more likely to succeed, instead of setting them too high in the first place and ensuring that you fail at the first attempt.

Keep on Starting

You also need to keep restarting even if you fall of the wagon many, many times. It’s tedious, but it really is the only way to succeed. That old ‘try, try again’ motto. Don’t let one missed day dictate the rest of your life, just reset and restart the next day, or the next week. See how far you can get each time, your goal could simply be to do it longer than before.
Obviously ones like stopping drinking for a month are for health reasons, and you don’t need to say it’s for ever so hopefully that is ‘easier’ to stick to (not saying its EASY’!) but ones like being more creative as an ongoing thing can be hard to stick to because life has a pesky way of putting blocks in our path. So for our creative ambitions, we need to develop a good ‘rinse repeat’ approach. So we missed a few days/weeks, jump back in. Remember to start small and build up. Maybe you had managed an hour a day, but after a break you wonder how you ever did that, so go back to 15 minutes a day, or whatever you are able to do. Remember the various things that helped you get into flow, I looked at these last time, the tricks to trigger your creativity. I also gave you some resources to help you – timers and music etc

What is Your WHY?

Remember WHY you wanted to do this in the first place.

You just HAVE to write (or whatever creative thing it is you do)
Because a person you dislike is doing better than you at it, and you want to show them?
Escape from mundane job?

Whatever it is, remind yourself. Write it out, or get an image that reflects your ‘why’ and stick it up on your wall, or on your screensaver. Somewhere you see it, and can remember, THAT”S why!


Don’t forget – keep your creativity flowing, and it will be easier to stick to that resolution!

creative flow image