You Made it to Week 3!

what shall i write today

Week three of Nano, and you are almost at the end. Whoop! This third week, sees you over that mid way hump, and still going, so that is great. It can also be the time, especially if you are behind, that you question why you are doing this.
Or perhaps friends and family are tiring of you constantly talking about it or missing events, going home early, and generally being a bit of a party pooper. Their comments and questions put doubts in your way.
To help you deal with this,  I’ve made you a Top 10 Benefits of NanoWriMo. You can get it below.

Don’t Panic!

If you are behind on the word count this is not the time to panic. You can still make the goal 50000 words. It might mean you have to increase the words per day, or perhaps plan a great big last push. Or you can always reduce the goal word count in the name of quality, being realistic and your own sanity.
If you are on schedule or even ahead, well done you, but don’t slack off, not just yet.
It’s natural to have doubts, questions and downright ‘what the hell am I doing’ moments. As I said in the first of these blogs, this is like a marathon or other tough running event or challenge. Other people won’t get it, and your own mind monkeys will show up through out the process. Just ask any marathon runner how they feel around mile 20-22.
So, it is worth you keeping a note of your own reasons, the ones that made you decide to do this in the first place.
Write them out, print them in a pretty picture on an image creator  such as Stencil and keep them nearby for those times when your resolution starts to quiver.

To help you I’ve made you a downloadable image of top 10 benefits of doing Nanowrimo. Click on the image to open it and save it to your computer.

top 10 benefits

The main thing is to remember why you are doing this.
And also this is week 3, don’t give up now, only a week or so to go, and you can say you finished the challenge.
Remember, you’ll have a rough novel to show for it, how great is that?
At this stage it’s not about quality, or even the quantity (although 50000 words is a good chunk to work with), no, it is about you sitting down and writing for a month, whether that turns into an actual novel or whether it cleared one story out your head to make way for a new, better one.

So, don’t give up this close to the end, keep writing, keep reminding yourself of your own why and the benefits of doing it.

Now go write!